Client: Goal (via DAZN)

Art Direction: Nicola Taylor / Lucy-Rae Naylor

Design: Nicola Taylor / Sam Dyson

Motion Design: Lucy-Rae Naylor

Article Design, Motion Design

United States Women's National Soccer Team article design. The inside story of how the USWNT became the most dominant force in women's football. An article about women, written by women, designed by women.

The basis of the design on this piece is that "winning is in their DNA". We wanted to capture that with playful typography, collage features mimicking historical scientific drawings, and dividing cells. The colour palette was limited to three colours: pink, purple and white. Using pink was almost an ironic choice to amplify the piece is about women, but then using the purple and white to starkly contrast, creating a daring and visually striking piece.

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