NXGN 2020

Client: Goal / DAZN (via DAZN)

Producer: Joe Gardiner

Art Direction: Chris Pullinger

Branding: Nicola Taylor / Connor Spink

Motion Direction: Lucy-Rae Naylor

Motion Design: Lucy-Rae Naylor / Tom King / Tom Fagan / Liam Portz / Dan Bray

Branding, Motion, Motion Titles, OSP, Web Assets, Social Assets

NXGN 2020 is Goal's countdown of the top 50 talents born on or after January 1, 2001 from all across the world. Each year this tentpole campaign requires a brand refresh. This year was especially different as it was also appearing on DAZN's platform for the first time. The new look is stylised with a bold colour palette and geometric layout.

The motion theory is comprised of self drawing lines, collapsing frames, frame rotation and match cuts. At least one of these is carried through each motion asset to keep consistency but flexibility. 

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